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Essilor Varilux Varifocal Lenses

From the inventors of varifocal lenses….

Essilor was formed in 1972 with the amalgamation of two French companies Essel and Silor. Essilor has had a presence in Britain since 1881 when Société des Lunetiers opened it's British operation in Hatton Garden, London. It maintained a presence in the city until 1975 when the company moved its offices and production facilities to Thornbury, near Bristol.

Globally, Essilor operates in around 100 countries, employs around 400 people in the UK and has developed some of the world's most up-to-date lens surfacing equipment.

Essilor has 5 major brands that embody cutting edge lens technology:

Varilux, Crizal, Xperio, Optifog and Transitions.

Essilor International has 37 % market share in volume in 2013 (lens & optical Instruments division) and 22 % (non-prescription readers & sunglasses division).

Essilor Varilux Varifocal Lenses:

Essilor is world famous for the Varilux lens, the world's first varifocal, which was invented in 1959 and a total of 300 million people around the world wear or have worn Varilux lenses, with a new wearer every three seconds!!!

Here are the most popular Essilor Varilux varifocal lenses:


Varilux X Series:

Varilux X series lenses are the most advanced progressive lenses on the market today. It is the first Varilux lens to dramatically reduce head movement and ensure that your vision is as natural as possible for everyday activities within arm's reach and beyond. Varilux X series is the best Varilux Essilor have ever designed.

Essilor has launched its latest innovation to enhance the visual experience of presbyopes – going one step further in understanding the evolving needs of wearers and putting them at the heart of its innovation process. Group designers have focused efforts on improving vision at arm’s length – reflecting the multitude of near vision tasks of today’s lifestyles. The Varilux X series in particular has been designed to meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers who are highly active, digitally connected and don’t want to be limited by their vision. But it’s also a progressive lens that ensures quality vision at every distance for all.

By re-shaping a specific zone in the lens, it overcomes a typical frustration with many progressive lenses – having to adjust one’s head to find the right angle. The Varilux X series lens is the result of innovation in lens design with Xtend™ technology which delivers additional benefits for today’s near vision demands. The x series varifocal offers greater precision vision taking into account multiple targets for one gaze direction.

The X series varifocal lens cost £295.00 and can be purchased with all frames or reglazing. 

Varilux S Series:

Varilux S Series lenses provide all the benefits of other Varilux lens designs, while eliminating the “off-balance” feeling sometimes experienced when wearing other progressive lenses whilst offering superior clarity and a wide filed of view. Whatever the distance, whatever the situation, you will see the difference immediately. The S series varifocal lens can be purchased with all frames or reglazing. 

Varliux Physio:

The latest generation of Essilor Varilux lenses. It is actually a startling breakthrough, both in design and in manufacture; and it brings real benefits in performance. The improvement has been likened to the difference in quality between DVD and video picture. We call it 'High Resolution Vision' - clearer, sharper images with better contrast, wider areas of clear vision at mid distance, and better comfort for close work. The lens is designed in such a way that it corrects the shape of the light wave as it passes through the lens thus improving clarity of vision. High precision point by point manufacturing technology ensures that the design performance is retained whatever your prescription.

Varilux Comfort:

Varilux Comfort is the classic Varilux lens offering clear, instant vision at all distances. Your eyes focus quickly and easily especially in switching from close to distance vision. Varilux Comfort lenses feel natural and mean you don't need to move your head, or eyes, into uncomfortable or unnatural positions. Varilux Comfort is the most widely dispensed lens in the world and is available in a variety of different materials. Some materials allow you to have thinner or flatter lenses that can be used in fashionable shallow or rimless frames.

Varilux Liberty:

Varilux Liberty is the perfect lens for those on a budget. An ideal entry into the Varilux range, Varilux Liberty lenses feature some of the latest developments in varifocal technology. Varilux Liberty has three main focal areas that are smoothly blended into one for natural vision at every distance - near far and in between. Because of the design, wearers will also find they adapt more easily to Varilux Liberty lenses than to other budget varifocals.

Please contact us should you require any further information and one of our advisers will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct Essilor varifocal lens option for your prescription, your budget and your lifestyle.

Freephone:0800 690 6220


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