Buying Prescription Glasses Online - Quick Guide

Whether you’re carefully selecting the correct formula prescription or simply picking up a pair of cheap designer glasses for the summer – it really is a case of seeing is believing! 

Online opticians are one of the original, big success stories of consumer confidence in buying on the internet. Replacing the high street store with low prices, limitless choice and ease of use, visitors can access and buy glasses online at anytime.

First time buyers can expect to find the online opticians uk full of easy to understand, helpful advice and a great user-friendly experience - here’s a few, handy tips to help get you started...

Prescription Glasses - Lenses

Key to obtaining your prescription spectacles is :

• Correctly entering your prescription details.

• Obtaining your ‘pupil distance’ - the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil, measured in millimetres.

You will need to obtain a clear and legible copy of your 'Glasses Prescription' by visiting your local optician and having an eye test, which you are entitled to receive and they must comply with your request.

Remember ... to ask your optician to include your 'Pupil Distance' as they do not have to give you this as part of your eye test. As a guide, a typical standard measurement is 60mm for women, and 64mm for men.

When you go online to order, you will be asked to enter you prescription details when choosing your lenses, paying particular attention to the different positive (+) and negative (-) symbols.

Having obtained and entered the correct information for the lenses, you now need to simply select the right size of frame ...

Calculating Frame Size

A frame has three basic sizes, measured in millimetres, for the eye, bridge and arm and a sequence of numbers, such as 48 18 140, can be found written on the arm or behind the bridge of your spectacles.

Choosing Frame Styles

Your personal choice! Latest styles, colours and shapes abound! But what’s best for you ? There are some general tips that are often given to help you find the look that’s most suited to your face shape.

The selection of face shapes that will be illustrated are usually described along the lines of: Square, Oval, Round, Heart shaped and Long-Oblong and they will be shown wearing recommended frame types with basic supporting explanations. But of course, you could simply decide to just stick with your usual style!

You can also choose to create your own designer glasses ! The online optician can reglaze your existing frames and at the same time have your new prescription lenses fitted!

Buying spectacles online is straightforward! Once you have your prescription, choosing and ordering a new style look is the fun part you will definitely enjoy !

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