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Varifocal glasses have a very cleverly designed lens providing a gradual change in focus from the top of the lens to the bottom with multiple focal points to see all distances, near, far and intermediate, through just one lens. Our varifocal prescription glasses start at just £44.95 & include coatings, a stylish hard case, microfibre cloth & 2 yr guarantee.

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Varifocal Glasses & Lenses FAQ's:

What are varifocal glasses?

Varifocal glasses have a specially created lens that allows you to see all distances through just one pair of glasses offering distance, reading and the added benefit over bifocals, they also have an intermediate area of vision. So, no matter what you’re doing; working, driving, reading or shopping, one pair of varifocal glasses can provide you with all your vision needs.

How do varifocals lenses work?

Varifocal lenses have a gradual change in strength from the top of the lens to the bottom.

Simply moving your eyes up or down the lens will bring into focus the object that you are looking at allowing you to multitask without any blurry vision or having to use another pair of glasses as is the case if you have single vision lenses.

Below are the basic 3 regions of a varifocal lens:

Distance Zone: The ‘upper’ portion of the varifocal lens provides the ‘distance’ viewing area.

Intermediate Zone: The distance and reading areas are connected via a ‘corridor’ of intermediate powers and provides viewing for ‘mid-range’ vision.

Near/Reading Zone: The ‘bottom/lower’ portion of the lens provides the ‘close up/reading’ area

Types of varifocal lenses:

There are lots of different varifocal lenses on the market offering various vision and features depending on your lifestyle and prescription.

The main differences & features of the more advanced, premium and elite varifocal lenses are:

  • Larger distance viewing areas
  • Larger reading viewing areas
  • Wider field of vision, known as the ‘corridor’
  • Less peripheral distortion

Simply put, the more advanced varifocals have a wider field of vision with less peripheral distortion. They are often much easier to adapt to because of this.

Which are the best varifocal lenses?

The best varifocal lenses are the ones best suited to your budget, lifestyle needs and prescription. There are many types of varifocal lenses and numerous brands and whilst all similar, they are not all the same. 

We can source every brand and type of varifocal lens available in the marketplace if for example you have a preferred brand or lens. But as a regular offering when buying our glasses or reglazing your own frame, we offer 3 types of varifocal to choose from, these are standard, premium and elite and have been carefully selected based on quality, vision, ease of adapting to them and ultimately the best value.

Here are our 3 varifocal lenses:

1 - Standard varifocal - This is an unbranded digital lens.
It is fantastic value and a great starter to the world of varifocal lenses - chosen as an enhanced alternative to bifocals. There will be some ‘peripheral distortion’ around the edge of the lens but this will be minimal.

2 - Premium free-form varifocal - This is a Hoya Freeform lens.
It is quite simply one of the best value varifocal lenses available today. The premium varifocal option also includes a free ‘anti reflection and scratch resistant coating’ worth over £25.00 to further improve the clarity, focus and ultimately your vision.

3 - Elite free-form digital varifocal - This is the Essilor X Series Freeform lens.
The Varilux X Series is the most advanced varifocal lens available in the market today and is for customers who want the latest technologies and premium products with the highest level of vision. Varilux X Series lenses provide all the benefits of other Varilux lens designs, while eliminating the “off-balance” feeling sometimes experienced when wearing other varifocal lenses whilst offering superior clarity and a wide field of view. Whatever the distance, whatever the situation, you will see the difference immediately. This is our elite varifocal choice and has been carefully selected to offer unrivalled clarity, the widest viewing area possible at all focal points including distance, intermediate and reading areas with almost no distortion around the edges. It is fantastic value and many £100.00’s cheaper than the same lens will costs on the high st and other online retailers.

How long does it take to adapt to varifocal glasses?

Getting used to varifocals is different for everyone and it can take from as little as a few days to a couple of weeks.

The trick is to persevere and keep wearing them and your brain will soon get used to the new vision, learning how to view with them and also how to focus. Once you’ve got used to them, you’ll release how great varifocals are.

Can I buy varifocals glasses online? Don't you need detailed measurements?

Yes, you can buy varifocals lenses online and yes we do need detailed measurements. We achieve this by sending the frame that you have chosen to you with a guide explaining what to do. It’s quite simple really, you take a photo of yourself wearing the frame, known these days as a selfie, email it to us and then return the frame in the supplied prepaid addressed envelope. We will then use your photo(s) to calculate your pupil positions for 100% accuracy. It’s a very effective method and works brilliantly. We know this as we get numerous compliments on the quality of the lenses and clarity of vision.

Can I wear varifocals for driving?

Yes, you can wear varifocal glasses when driving and there are also some fantastic varifocals designed specifically for driving such as the Varilux Road Pilot which is designed to best match drivers’ visual needs. It incorporates a wider distance and intermediate vision zone than a regular varifocal lens making it much easier to check critical information such as speedometer, audio system, navigation system and also provides a wider peripheral vision zone.

Varilux Road Pilot also includes the all new Crizal Drive coating which reduces reflections from on-coming light and other light sources by up to 90%.

You could even combine the Varilux Road Pilot with the new Transitions XTRActive photochromic lens. Ordinary transitions/photochromic lenses won’t react inside the car as windscreens block the UV light which is required to activate the lens change in colour but Transitions XTRActive do as they react differently and it is the only photochromic lens to activate when in the car.

Varifocal Prescription Glasses & Lenses Summary:

Buying varifocals is as simple as selecting it as an option when choosing your lenses.

It is quicker, more efficient and much better value than visiting the high st. 

Quite simply put - with the low prices we offer, and the latest varifocal lens designs combined with a full money back guarantee - Online Opticians UK is the best place to buy varifocal glasses.

But remember, for total piece for mind, we offer our “no quibble 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee” on all purchases.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require any further information and one of our advisers will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct varifocals & lens options for your prescription, lifestyle and budget.

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