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What Glasses Does Jurgen Klopp Wear?

When you look to the touchline during any Premier League football game, you’ll usually see rather conservatively dressed managers and staff looking serious and pensive. However, the man that has gaffered Liverpool FC to their first title in 30 years, Jurgen Klopp, is a different story entirely. Like him or lump him, he has great taste in eyewear and caused many a football fan to ponder; “where can I get a pair of Jurgen Klopp glasses?”

Jurgen Klopp’s Glasses – a brief history

Over the years the enigmatic German has proudly styled many different pairs of glasses, however the shape and black/grey colour scheme has always stayed the same. In very managerial fashion, he seems to favour function over form.

Whilst at the helm of Mainz 05, Klopp favoured a slightly smaller, unassuming frame and even sported completely rimless glasses during this period, very similar to our Superlite SL19 Frames. But it was his appointment at Borussia Dortmund that sparked something more adventurous in Jurgen Klopp’s style and he upgraded to the Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster Glasses.

When a move to Anfield became a reality, Klopp again decided to change things up and wear the frames that we are now so accustomed to seeing him in.


What Glasses Does Jurgen Klopp Currently Wear in 2020?

If you’re sat reading this and wondering how you can emulate the Liverpool manager’s new style, then look no further than the images & frames below.

Oakley Pitchman R

Available in 17 different and dazzling colourways, you can match Jurgen Klopp’s style exactly or add your own twist to it. Purchase these frames from Online Opticians UK for an industry leading price of just £89.95 with FREE UK delivery and get ready to run down the touchline of your nearest football pitch!


An iconic and now classic notch bridge sets the Oakley Pitchman R design apart from other brands. Flanked by smoothly rounded lenses and lightweight steel temples, Oakley added Hollowpoint™ hinges that salute the genius of hubless motorcycle wheels. Click the image below to view the frame:


Ray-Ban Clubmaster RX5154

A constant feature of Ray-Ban’s top 5 most popular frames of all time, year after year. Its timeless, vintage look, 1st seen in the 1940’s, is always in any list of most stylish and successful frames. What more do you need to know? Available in 17 colourways, purchase these frames for just £79.95 with free MAR coatings & delivery. Click the image below to view the frame:


Superlite SL19

Titanium rimless glasses – a square lens shape compliments the light-weight titanium frame of the Superlite SL19 ideally. These frame include our super thin & light premium MAR coated lenses and all for just £79.95. Click the image below to view the frame:



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