Reglaze Glasses

Are you looking for new lenses for your glasses or sunglasses? 

If you reglaze your glasses, you can keep your favourite frame for a while longer and update the lenses for some brand spanking new shiny ones!

Reglazing glasses is as simple as adding the lenses with any optional extras you want and checking out. It's so easy and saves you so much'll wonder why you haven't done it before. Quite simply, if you need lenses're at the right place!!

Here's our 3 Simple, Quick & Easy Steps to Reglaze Your Glasses -

Select your frame reglaze & lens options

1. Select your frame type, choose your lenses & checkout.
It’s that simple.

Post your frame

2. Once your order is placed, we’ll make life easy by sending you a postage paid addressed envelope to return your frame to us. 

Receive your reglazed glasses

3. We’ll make the lenses, cut them into your frame &
post your reglazed glasses back to you via recorded delivery. It's that easy!

Reglazing FAQs:

Q: How long will it take to reglaze my glasses?

A: We hold lots of single vision lenses in stock, have the latest modern glazing equipment and highly experienced lab technicians so if you order single vision lenses, even tinted or anti reflection ones, we will return them to you the same day we receive your frame!

However, depending on the lenses and options you choose, the majority of orders will be returned to you within 5 days, even varifocals and bifocals.

That’s FAST service!!!

Q: What type of lenses do you use?

A: Our lenses are Essilor supplied and without doubt are the best quality lenses you can buy. We never do, and never have, used cheap, low quality lenses. Our prices are low, but we don't sell cheap lenses.

Q: Will you return my old lenses?

A: We will return all your items such as cases and lenses so you can keep them for future use if need be.

Q: What type of lenses can I choose?

A: We offer every type of lenses you can want, in every variant & type and from brands such as Essilor, Hoya and Zeiss. 

Q: Can you reglaze all types and makes of frame?

A: Yes, our lab technicians have over 50 years of experience and are experts at reglazing every type of frame you can think of, from modern wraps to the likes of Tag Heuer, Lindbergh, Oakley and Cartier to old school vintage frames from the 1920s. We’ve seen and successfully reglazed them all! In the unlikely event we couldn’t reglaze a frame, or occasionally they are unsuitable, we will return them to you with a full refund and at no cost to you!

Q: Can I place an order over the phone?

A: That's not a problem! Simply call our friendly team on 0800 690 6220 to place your order or to ask any questions you may have.

Q: What is the postage fee?

A: We charge £4.99 for delivery in the UK and send all orders via Royal mail tracked/recorded delivery. However, if you spend over £99.95, you will qualify for free postage!

Q: What if I chose an incorrect option?

A: We check all orders prior to making them, including all your prescription details and lens options. We will contact you if anything is incorrect so don’t worry.

Why Use Our Glasses Reglaze Service?

Why Use Our Reglaze Service?

  • You have had a new eye test and wish to put new replacement lenses into your existing frame.
  • Your current lenses are scratched or damaged and you wish to reglaze them.
  • You wish to upgrade your glasses, such as adding varifocal, bifocal or thin lenses.
  • You have prescription safety glasses and need reglazing with polycarbonate safety lenses.
  • You want your existing frame to be reglazed into sunglasses.
  • You have purchased a “frame only” from another supplier and want to have lenses fitted.
  • You have a favoured brand of lenses that you wish to use such as Essilor, Kodak or Hoya.
  • You wish to reglaze a sports glasses insert - such as cycling, diving mask or skiing inserts

These are just a small number of reasons why you may wish to reglaze glasses....quite simply, if you need new lenses're at the right place!!

Contact Us:

Please contact us and speak to one of our optical advisers for more information and advice regarding reglazing glasses & choosing lenses.

Freephone: 0800 690 6220