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Rimless glasses have an elegant sophisticated look no matter the shape or colour. Our rimless lenses are made with 'FREE - THIN & LIGHT, 1.6 SUPER TOUGH TRIVEX MAR+ COATED LENSES' worth £40.00, offering superior clarity of vision. The range is consistently in our list of best sellers.

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Rimless glasses can be custom made to any shape and size offering a bespoke, tailor made, fit and look limited only by your imagination. Our rimless lenses are made with Free Trivex 'thin and light 1.6 index lenses', which is virtually unbreakable & offers super clear optics, especially when compared to polycarbonate lenses, worth over £40.00, & a Free anti reflection, scratch proof and UV400 lens coating, worth £35.00. Trivex lenses have a higher Abbe value and produce sharper vision with less chromatic distortion than polycarbonate lenses. Try on our rimless frames today and in no time at all you'll get a special delivery that will make you see the world through new eyes and with a new frame of mind.

Buying rimless glasses online can save you a small fortune as well as the obvious benefits of shopping from the comfort of your own home. 

Here is further information, advice and tips to assist you in making the correct choice:

Rimless are a type of frame in which the arms and bridge are mounted directly to the lens as opposed to the traditional type of plastic or metal full frame which surrounds the lens.

The lenses have several holes drilled into it and the bridge and arms are either screwed onto the lenses or secured using a plastic grommet. Due to the lack of a frame, more of the face is seen and rimless glasses can often seem invisible due to the lack of plastic or metal surrounds. Rimless glasses are considered more stylish and fashionable than ordinary prescription glasses frames. All our rimless frames are made using only high-grade materials such as TR90 acetate, stainless-steel or titanium which is a very strong and lightweight material which decreases the weight of the frame. 

Although rimless prescription glasses may seem like a recent invention or style, they can actually be traced back for many, many years and first became popular in the late 1800's.

There are many different styles available but as with all products, rimless glasses have advantages & disadvantages.

They are more fragile and delicate due to the lack of frame surrounding the lens and need to be handled and cared for more so than a traditional frame as the lenses can be exposed to stress and chipping. This can make them unsuitable for certain environments such as playing sports. They also typically have a higher cost due to the amount of time taken to make them. They also need to be cared for more so than a regular pair of glasses. It is always advisable to choose a lens that offers more resistance to breakage such as polycarbonate. 

As with many products, rimless prescription glasses have their strengths and their weaknesses but when chosen, maintained and taken care of correctly, are just as reliable as any other type of glasses frame and can give the wearer a unique bespoke stylish pair of glasses at a very affordable price.

Here are 8 x benefits to buying rimless glasses from Online Opticians UK:

  • Prices start at just £59.95 
  • Free 'thin and light 1.6 index lenses', worth over £40.00
  • Free anti reflection, scratch proof and UV400 lens coating, worth £35.00
  • Free stylish case and cloth
  • 30 Day Refunds 
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 yrs. 'Repair or Replace' Warranty 
  • 3 - 5 day recorded delivery

We suggest that you put us to the test and compare our rimless glasses range, the Thin & Light MAR lenses, delivery times, prices & after care support against other optical suppliers and you will see that our claims hold true.

Buying rimless glasses and enhancing your visual acuity, colour contrast & visual comfort is as simple as selecting the frame type and any additional lens extras you may want when choosing your lenses.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require any further information and one of our advisers will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct lens options for your prescription, lifestyle and budget.

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