Transition Lenses – The Pros & Cons

Transition Lenses – The Pros & Cons

Transition Lenses – The Pros & Cons

As a glasses wearer, you’ll no doubt be used to frustration of sunlight. Needing to switch between glasses and sunglasses, back and forth, carrying them both around can be a hassle. Well, the good news is there is a very simple alternative – transition lenses also known as photochromic lenses or reactolights.

Transition lenses are not a new creation and were 1st developed at the Corning Glass Works Inc in the 1960’s but the current models have come a long way in terms of design and the colours and options available.

Transitions work differently depending on the type and manufacturer with the earliest models reacting by a chemical reaction whereas today’s models use dyes that change and react when exposed to UV light.

Transition Lenses – The Pros & Cons

Are transitions suitable for you?

Without question, photochromic lenses are convenient, but they may not suit your requirements. Here’s the pros and cons of transition lenses

Transitions Lenses Advantages:

  • Convenience – Transitions can be used in most scenarios, indoors or outdoors and you’ll never be caught without your sunglasses again
  • UV Protection – Full protection against the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet rays)
  • Cost Effective – No Need to buy 2 pairs anymore, you can combine both your glasses & sunglasses into 1 handy pair
  • Unlimited Choice – No matter the lenses you need, bifocal, varifocal, thin lenses and with numerous colours, they are available

Transitions Lenses Disadvantages:

  • Varying Reliability – Depending on the type and brand they will darken and react to varying degrees of tint and differing time to fully react
  • Weather – Cold weather affects the reaction and they will take longer to change
  • Driving – Many photochromic lenses react with UV light but car windscreens block this and therefore the lens cannot react however there are new lenses such as the transitions XTRActive that will darken behind the windscreen as they use different light to react

Modern advanced transitions can be a great option for many wearers but consider the pros and cons and ask about the different types available which best suit your needs.

Transition Lenses – The Pros & Cons

Buying transitions or photochromic lenses is as simple as adding the lenses and options you need and start at prices as low as £45.00 depending on the brand and type you choose.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require additional information and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct lens options for your prescription, lifestyle and budget.
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