Carl Zeiss Single Vision Glasses Lenses

Carl zeiss are arguably the market leading experts in optical lenses and offer a range of single vision lenses to suit all wearers needs and can produce extraordinarily flat and lightweight lenses, even for high prescriptions. There are four levels of quality to choose from starting with the entry level 'SPH' single vision lens, leading onto the excellent 'AS' & 'SUPERB' options, culminating with the highest specification, state of the art zeiss single vision 'INDIVIDUAL' lens.

Zeiss single vision lens designs take into account visual acuity, cosmetic appearance and the wearers comfort. The availability of higher index’s in both plastic and glass, combined with advances in aspheric/atoroidal lens design have made possible ultra-flat and lightweight lenses which can offer all patients, even very high prescription users, a new level of outstanding visual and wearing comfort.

Zeiss Single Vision Lens Benefits:

  • Optimal lens power offering comfortable, easy to wear glasses with an attractive appearance.
  • High impact resistance making zeiss lenses ideal for sports wear.
  • Improved Night vision: Zeiss single vision lenses are available with i.Scription® technology which offers higher levels of contrast and colour intensity.       
  • Access to the Latest lens Technology: DuraVision® Platinum premium coating and self-tinting PhotoFusion® lenses.    
  • Enhanced vision & a range of products for all wearers needs & situations: from standard lenses to bespoke & individualised.

Zeiss single vision lenses are available in many versions and materials and depending on the power you need we can offer an optimal lens with the thinnest, lightest lens possible with ultra clear vision.

Zeiss offers four different performance levels:

Zeiss Single Vision Lens Products:

1) Zeiss Single Vision SPH

The zeiss single vision 'sph' lens is a spherical lens with point-focal imagery. Available in all index materials and both plastic & glass. It is suitable for high & low prescriptions in distance or reading lenses offering minimal peripheral distortion, optimal vision quality and glasses with thinner, lighter lenses.

Carl Zeiss Single Visions SPH Lens Example

2) Zeiss Single Vision AS: 

The zeiss single vision 'as' is special aspheric lens surface design is characterised by a low curvature lens, minimised peripheral distortion and excellent visual qualities. Especially suited to high prescriptions offering a thinner & lighter lens with outstanding, optimal vision.

Carl Zeiss Single Visions AS Lens Example

3) Zeiss Single Vision SUPERB: 

The zeiss single vision 'superb' lens is an advanced digital free-form lens which is designed and produced for each individual wearer and prescription, incorporating sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base. This bespoke design is optimised across the entire lens surface offering crystal-clear vision with no peripheral distortion providing the wearer with a clear, sharp, ultra-focused vision and ultra lightweight glasses.

Carl Zeiss Single Visions SUPERB Lens Example

4) Zeiss Single Vision INDIVIDUAL: 

The zeiss single vision 'individual' combines all of the zeiss lens technology, know how, experience and optical excellence. Achieved with wave-front & free-form technology, the lens surface is optimised to provide superb visual quality 

Carl Zeiss Single Visions INDIVIDUAL Lens Example

Zeiss Single Vision Lens Portfolio Features & Benefits:

Zeiss single vision portfolio

1) Zeiss 
Single Vision

2) Zeiss 
Single Vision AS

3) Zeiss 
Single Vision Superb

4) Zeiss 
Single Vision Individual

Optimal visual performance
incorporating individual data measurements





Clear vision over the full lens
Digital free-form technology & more precision.





Thinner & flatter lenses
Reduced curvature & magnifying effect.





Highly improved vision & optimised surface design with focused precision optical imagery.





Improved night vision & Available 
with i.Scription® technology.





For short and long-sighted wearers, bookworms and night owls, traditionalists or trend-setters: zeiss single vision lenses have an option for everyone and buying zeiss lenses online is the quick, efficient and cost effective alternative to the high st.

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