Knowing Your Frame Measurements

Knowing your preferred frame sizes will allow you to purchase prescription glasses that not only fit well and are comfortable to wear, but also look good too as they will be in proportion to your face.

Frames have three basic measurements:

1) Eye size.
2) Bridge size.
3) Arms/temples size. 

All of our product pages have these sizes displayed using the images below. Each measurement is shown in millimetres.



How to find frame measurements

All frames have these three sizes written on the inside of the arms or behind the bridge.

If you can’t see the numbers or they've worn away, you'll need to measure the frame by hand. Simply get a ruler and measure them using the image guide below.

Additional frame measurements:

The above measurements are the industry standard and will be written on all frames.

There are two additional frame sizes, provided by us on all product pages, which you can easily measure yourself and will help you to find the perfect fitting frame.

4) Frame width:

a) Simply measure the width of your existing frame


b) Measure the width of your temples

a)                                   b)  


5) Lens depth:

As the name suggests, it is the depth of the lens from top to bottom.

You will need to measure an existing frame to get this measurement.



Here are the basic measurements you should know when ordering glasses online. These will assist you in finding the perfect frame:

These three measurements are the most important:

a) Eye, Bridge, Arms/Temples

These two measurements are additional and will assist in finding the perfect fitting frame:

b) Lens depth, Frame width.

The image below shows all five measurements - look out for these on our site when purchasing your glasses:


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