Non Prescription Glasses

Non Prescription Glasses - 

It can be a life changing moment! When the doctor announces that you need a pair of prescription glasses. 

But for some, that day hasn't arrived and they don't need prescription glasses just yet.

Not to worry! Lighten up – all you have to do is simply choose the non prescription glasses option and then get on to the best bit - choosing from a fantastic range of stylish designer frames!

The good news is that, in today’s world, there is an inexhaustible variety of glasses with clear lenses or non-prescription glasses, aka 'fake glasses', that you can choose from.

Even better, by simply visiting an online opticians, they’re all available to view on the web, from where you are sitting right now looking at this! 

The benefits of clear lens glasses also means you won’t have to fret about having to find the correct lenses. 

There’s plenty of useful information and instructions to help you make the right choice when choosing your frame.

When you buy clear lens glasses online every aspect of finding the right pair is taken care of – all you have to do is simply choose the non-prescription glasses option when checking out.

In fact, the likelihood is that you will be spoilt for choice and end up wanting at least two pairs. 

Whether buying non prescription glasses for men or non prescription glasses for women, there is still an unbelievable selection of great, cool looks & styles! 

Maybe best of all, if you’re on a budget, there is a great selection of cheap glasses from which you can make a purchase!

Remember, wearing non prescription glasses, or 'non prescription fashion glasses' or 'fake glasses' as they are sometimes known, is all about making your personal fashion statement.

So if you have been wanting to buy some glasses but don't have a prescription just yet fear not, you can simply buy the frame of your choice with clear lenses or glasses without prescription lenses and have a whole new image makeover – it could transform your life!

How to buy lenses with no prescription:

Simply Click 1 of The Shopping Links Below, Select Any Frame You Wish & Choose The 'Single Vision' & 'None' Options When Selecting The Lenses & Prescription....its That Simple!!!

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require any further information and one of our advisers will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct lens options for your frames, lifestyle and budget.

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