Selecting Prescription Glasses That Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing prescription glasses that suit your face shape can enhance your appearance and knowing which frames suit you the best can help to narrow down your choice.

Glasses should complement your features, such as match the frame colour to your eye colour or ensuring that the frame shape contrasts with your face shape and that frame size is scaled to your face size.

There are five basic ‘face shapes’ and deciding which shape you are, and selecting a frame that complements your face shape, should be a very important factor when buying your new glasses:

Here are the five face shapes:

 Face Shapes For Choosing Prescription Glasses


Is the ideal shape with balanced dimensions, appearing longer than it is wide with a slightly wider forehead than the jaw. Ovals are lucky that pretty much all frame shapes will suit.


A rounded, circular face shape that is most suited to an angular, narrow frame style.


Similar to round and oval shaped faces so go for oval shaped or rounded square options. Thin metal options can draw attention to the eyes.


Longer than it is wide with prominent cheeks, highbrow and in proportion. Square and round semi rimless frames will suit this shape of face.

Hair & Eyes Colour:

Keep this simple, select colours that compliment your hair and eye colours by selecting matching colours. If you’ve got dark hair, choose dark frames, if you’ve got light coloured eyes, select light coloured frames.

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