Shop Around & Read The Small Print

Shopping online can save you time and a lot of money.

Many companies offer low prices, free coatings, money back returns, buy 1 - get 1 free, warranties and so on. But check the small print of these claims.

As in all industries, some companies are not exactly up front about the terms and conditions, and most have totally different policies and what can at first seem like a good deal, can often not be as first seemed.

Some suppliers will advertise a low price but then add on money for lenses and additional postage fees. By the time you've added it all up. The price can double from the original advertised figure.

Most suppliers offer a money back guarantee but the exact terms are different from one company to another. Some suppliers will refund your money, but only after they've taken a cut out of it for lenses, or charged you a restocking fee. Whereas others will refund every penny you've spent.

Some suppliers offer a 30 day return policy and you do have 30 days to return them.

Others advertise 30 days, but in the small print, you have to contact them within 7 days of receiving them to notify them you intend returning.

In those cases, you have 30 days to return, that’s true, but 7 days to tell them you intend returning them ….I know, very confusing!

BOGOF deals are sometimes fantastic offers, and sometimes they are not.

It’s not uncommon for suppliers in any industry to significantly mark-up products to compensate for the giveaway.

Quite often the same frames can be found elsewhere on other sites for less than half the price of the BOGOF supplier. Or the free frame is form a ‘poor quality cheap range’ especially purchased for the promotion which you probably wouldn't buy in the 1st place.

  • Look for negative reviews online by typing in the ‘company name reviews’ and see what you find.
  • Look for social profiles and read comments.
  • Check the details of return policies. Is it a refund or an exchange? How long do you have to return them? How much is refunded? Are postage fees refunded? Is money deducted for cut lenses?? Is there are a ‘re-stocking’ fee?
  • Check the length of warranty and what is included??
  • Calculate all costs in the basket before getting out your credit card and paying
  • Shop around and compare
  • Search for discount codes

Fortunately, the significant majority of online opticians offer a genuine and fantastic service with great deals, but, as in all industries some are better than others.

Basically, do your research before committing to buy and you will no doubt find yourself a fantastic pair of glasses at an amazing low price and once you use an online optician, you won’t ever go back to the high street.

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